v3.0.2 Professional

Difference between RTP relay on and off at Brekeke PBX

CPU usage
Traffic through
BPBX server
SIP devices / services used with BPBX--Compatible with most SIP devices/services.

-- Sending re-INVITE to User Agents (devices/services) does not occur unless SIP session timer is used.

-- For most SIP services in the market, trouble will be avoided by setting RTP relay ON at ARS rules
--May not be compatible with certain SIP devices/services

--SIP devices/services which can handle changes in media information using re-INVITE.

--Higher possibility of encountering issues with different SIP phones since RTP sessions are directly exchanged peer to peer.

-- To confirm interoperability, testing for all combination of devices is recommended
Keypad CommandsIn-band, RFC2833, SIP-INFO (DTMF-relay) are availableOnly SIP-INFO (DTMF-relay) is available
Codec Conversion
Supported codecs conversion is handled by Brekeke PBX. User Agents can use different codecs.Codecs conversion will not support. User Agents need to be connected using the same codec.

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