v3.0.2 Professional
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TCP Support Details

Configuring TCP Settings

TCP support is enabled by default.
To change the settings:

  1. Log into the browser-based PBX or SIP Server Admintool.
  2. Navigate to the SIP Server [Configuration] > [SIP] menu.
  3. Scroll down to the TCP section to make setting changes.
    [TCP Handling] - if "On", the TCP-handling is enabled
    [Queue Size] - the size of the connection queue
    [UDP Failover] - if "On", the SIP Server uses an UDP connection after the TCP connection fails

Dial Plan Variables

Following TCP related variables have been added to the Dial Plan interface.

Property Variables

In addition to configuring TCP Settings from the GUI, the following property variables can also be set directly through the [Configuration] -> [Advanced] page:

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