v3.0.2 Professional

Setting Up a Skype Manager account

  1. Use your Skype Account to create a Skype Manager account at
  2. Create a SIP Profile from [Features] > [Skype Connect].
    When you have created a SIP profile, it will show your authentication information and proxy address with which you can use to set up ARS rules for Skype in Brekeke PBX
    such as:
    SIP UserPasswordSkype Connect addressPort
  3. Purchase Calling channels at your SIP profile setting (There will be a monthly charge to your Skype Manager account.)
  4. To receive calls, you need to do one of the following, or both, depending on your planned usage:
    • From Caller ID, purchase an Online Number at your SIP profile, which you can use to receive calls from PSTN lines.
    • Assign Business Account as the destination for incoming calls from Skype.
  5. Allocate credit to your SIP profile to make/receive calls. (You must assign credit to your SIP profile both to make and receive calls with Skype)

Brekeke PBX ARS Configuration for Skype

  1. Create an ARS for Skype from Brekeke PBX admintool>[ARS]
  2. Set [General] fields as below:
    Register URI:
    Proxy Address:
    User: 99051000123456
    Password: xxxxxxxx
  3. Create a Pattern - IN as below:
    [Matching Patterns]
    To: sip:99051000123456@

    [Deploy Patterns]
    To: pbx_ext

    Select [Apply to Request URI instead of To] checkbox and save the setting.
  4. Create a Pattern - OUT as below:
    [Matching Patterns]
    To: sip:([0-9]{7,})@

    [Deploy Patterns]
    To: sip:$
  5. Click the [Save and update] button to register your Skype SIP account.

How to Make Calls