v3.0.2 Professional
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How to use Confirm Call?

When a call is received, a pre-set action (usually entering a password) can be required in order for the call to go through. This feature also allows a recipient of the call to confirm the identity of the caller or some other piece of information before answering/ignoring the call.

How to setup "Confirm Call"

  1. Go to [PBX]>[Voice Prompts]>[System] and upload an audio file for the "Confirm Call". For example, you can upload a prompt file and give it the name "confirmcall".
  2. Go to [PBX]>[ARS], create a new ARS for the "Confirm Call" or add "Confirm Call" to any existing ARS.
  3. At "Patterns – OUT" in the ARS, you will see a "Confirm" parameter. If you want to use "Confirm Call" for some users, use [Matching patterns] to filter for those users, then add a value to the parameter "Confirm". You need to enclose the value of the "Confirm" parameter with curly brackets, "{" and "}".
    • If you want to use the audio file "confirmcall" which you just uploaded in step 1, you should write {confirmcall} in the "Confirm" parameter.
    • If set {confirmcall}{name:&f1} in [Confirm] parameter, callee can hear your phone number after the voice prompt. In this case, you need to set [From] in the Matching patterns, e.g. sip:(.*)@
  4. Specify the key to press for "Confirm Call". The parameter "Key" next to the parameter "Confirm” specifies which key is used to confim calls. The default key is 5.

How "Confirm Call" works