v3.0.2 Professional

Brekeke SIP Server v3 Quickstart Guide

This guide provide a simple setup sample for getting started using Brekeke SIP Server

       SIP User Agent (UA) <-> Brekeke SIP Server <-> SIP User Agent (UA)


In this guide, we use following environment for setting up Brekeke SIP Server.

- Windows OS
- Brekeke SIP Server installed with installer (exe file) 

What's Required?

  • LAN switch or hub for setting up a small LAN environment
  • Windows PC
  • X-Lite Softphone( installed on two separate PCs.
    (Note that X-Lite requires a microphone and speaker[s] for voice communication.)

Step 1 - Setting up a Windows PC with a static IP address

Assign a static IP address (i.e., IP address and subnet mask of to the Windows PC that Brekeke SIP Server is installed.

Step 2 - Download and Install Brekeke SIP Server

  1. Download Brekeke SIP Server from our DOWNLOAD page. Run the executable file.
  2. Go to "Start" / "All Programs" / "Brekeke SIP Server" to run product admintool and activate the license
  3. Login using "sa" for both [User] and [Password].

Step 3 - Setting Up User Authentication Accounts

The authentication for REGISTER and INVITE is enabled by default on Brekeke SIP Server, which is set from fields under product admintool > [Configuration] > [SIP] > [Authentication]. To register a SIP UA with authentication, create a [User Authentication] account for your SIP UA.

If you do not require to authenticate users, configure settings below. Then, skip the rest of step 3 and move on to step 4.

  1. Set [SIP Server Admin] > [Configuration] > [SIP] > [Authentication] > [REGISTER]: off.
  2. Set [SIP Server Admin] > [Configuration] > [SIP] > [Authentication] > [INVITE]: off.
  3. Save the settings and restart from the Brekeke SIP Server Admintool > [Start/Shutdown] page.


Steps to set up authentication accounts at Brekeke SIP Server > [User Authentication]:

  1. From product admintool > [User Authentication], click [New User], and set:
    1. [User]: Phone number (SIP user ID)
    2. [Password]: AnyPassword
    3. [Confirm Password]: SamePassword
    4. [Name]: Description to remind you whose authentication account this is
    5. [Email Address]: User contact email
    6. Click the [Add] button
    7. To make sure the user authentication information has been added, click on [User Authentication]
  2. In this example, we will create authentication accounts from both X-Lite SIP UAs. The authentication user IDs below need to be the same as the X-Lite phone numbers (SIP user IDs), which is required by  the default authentication setting in [Configuration] > [SIP] > [Authentication] / [Auth-user=user xxxx] fields
    1. X-Lite A User Authentication account:
      1. [User]: 100
      2. [Password]: 1234
      3. [Confirm Password]: 1234
      4. [Name]: X-Lite A
    2. X-Lite B User Authentication account:
      1. [User]: 101
      2. [Password]: 5678
      3. [Confirm Password]: 5678
      4. [Name]: X-Lite B
Step 4 - Setting up X-Lite SIP UAs
  1. Set up X-Lite as a SIP UA:
    1. Start X-Lite by choosing "Start" / "All Programs" / "X-Lite."
    2. From the X-Lite menu, click "Softphone" / "Account Settings".
      Then from the pop-up window "Account" tab, set:
      1. User ID: user set in step 3-2a/2b such as, 100 or 101
      2. Domain: (the Brekeke SIP Server's IP address set in step 1)
      3. Password: the password set in step 3-2a/2b for each X-Lite authentication account
      4. Display Name: any
      5. Authorization Name: user set in step 3-2a/2b
      6. Check field "Register with domain and receive calls."
      7. Under the "Send outbound via:" section, select the "domain" field.
  2. In order for X-Lite to work as a voice communication device, you must have a microphone and speaker(s) connected to your PC.
  3. Verify that X-Lite has been successfully registered on two PCs.
    From the Brekeke SIP Server Admintool > [Registered Clients] page, both X-Lite registration records will show as:
    [user:] 100; [Contact URL:] sip:100@pc1_IP
    [user:] 101; [Contact URL:] sip:101@pc2_IP

Step 5 - Making Calls

Dialing the X-Lite SIP User ID shown on the Brekeke SIP Server Admintool > [Registered Clients] page

To make a call from X-Lite A to X-Lite B:

  1. Enter 101 and press the [Dial] button.
    X-Lite A SIP User ID, 100, will show on X-Lite B as the caller number.
  2. To hang up, press the [hang up] button.

To make a call from X-Lite B to X-Lite A:

  1. Enter 100 and press the [Dial] button.
  2. To hang up, press the [hang up] button.


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