v3.0.2 Professional
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Brekeke SIP Server Redundancy Setup

For the details about Brekeke SIP Sever, Advanced Edition, Mirroring, Heartbeat and AutoSync feature for redundancy, please check Brekeke SIP Server Administrator Guide Section 4.11.* and Section 10.



- The Redundancy features became more powerful and simplified on ver3.9.1. We strongly recommend to upgrade Brekeke SIP Server to ver3.9.1 or later.

- Root privilege is required by Brekeke Redundancy.
- We recommend RedHat, CentOS and Fedora for Linux server.

Network Setup:


  1. Install Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition on two Servers. One is primary server, the other is secondary server.

  2. Prepare two network segments.One is for service (Network1 : ), the other is for controling servers (Network2 :

Initial OS network settings in each server before redundancy setup:

Primary Server :

Service IP address(Network1): *1
Default Gateway:
 IP address (Network2) 

*1. If the service IP is not set here, Brekeke SIP Server will try to attach it when mirroring starts.

Secondary Server :

Service IP address (Network1): Not Set
Default Gateway:
IP address (Network2):

        3. Configure the same settings in both of Primary Brekeke SIP Server and Secondary Brekeke SIP Server except redundancy.

Here are examples that you have to set up at begining.

- set router global IP at both Brekeke SIP Server admintool > [Configuration]>[System]>[network]->[Interface address]
- same third party database/radius settings
- same dial plan rules
- same alias accounts
- set [b2bua] off on both servers You can backup primary settings and restore it on secondary to let both servers' settings identical.

    Check Points before redundancy setup.