v3.0.2 Professional

Brekeke SIP Server Redundancy Setup

For the details about Brekeke SIP Sever, Advanced Edition, Mirroring, Heartbeat and AutoSync feature for redundancy, please check Brekeke SIP Server Administrator Guide Section 4.11.* and Section 10.

- Root privilege is required by Brekeke Redundancy.

- We recommend RedHat, CentOS and Fedora for Linux server.

Network Setup:


  1. Install Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition on two PCs.
    One is primary server, the other is secondary server.

  2. At primary server, another IP address is required, which needs to be in a different IP address segment from the secondary server IP address. This IP address will be used as vitrual IP address.

    In above sample network setup:
    VIRTRUAL_IP_ADDRESS: primary server IP, /
    Gateway IP address:
  3. The settings on both Brekeke SIP Server should be the same at the beginning, such as,
    - set router global IP at both Brekeke SIP Server admintool > [Configuration]>[System]>[network]->[Interface address]
    - same third party database/radius settings
    - same dial plan rules
    - same alias accounts
    - set [b2bua] off on both servers You can backup primary settings and restore it on secondary to let both servers' settings identical.
  4. Keep the same system time on both Brekeke servers so that mirroring can work properly
  5. If there is a firewall on primary server, please configure it to accept ICMP packets sent from the secondary server.
  6. At router which both Brekeke SIP Servers are behind, set port forwarding to the VITRUAL_IP_ADDRESS for both SIP and RTP ports.
  7. The accounts under Brekeke SIP server admintool > [Aliases] will not be mirrored on secondary server.
    Please use shared third party Database or other solutions to synchronize user authentication accounts on both primary and secondary servers.
  8. If authentication for REGISTER and INVITE is ON, set the same realm name at both primary and secondary Brekeke SIP Server admintool > [configuration] > [SIP] > [Authentication] > [Realm(ex. domain name)]
  9. Set VIRTUAL_IP_ADDRESS at UAs' registrar or proxy setting or router global IP address if UAs are from WAN.